Big Updates

Manage Throughput (Beta)

This update replaces Manage Production with Manage Throughput (Beta) for all manufacturers.

IMPORTANT: Expect to adjust workflows. Manage Throughput (Beta) replaces and extends Manage Production. If you are not currently using Manage Throughput (as part of our Alpha testing), we highly recommend that you watch and share the video with your team. 

How does This Impact My Day to Day?

Set up a customized post-sale workflow
Set and track critical order milestones
Schedule production and forecast lead times
Keep everyone on the same page

Watch our video to learn more:

Why did we do this?

Manage Throughput has been in Alpha testing stage for quite some time. It is time to move this to Beta testing and we are rolling it out for everyone, providing more options for post-sale operation management.

Note – this update also deprecates the Manage Production page.