Compatible with Desktop, Laptop & Mobile Devices

What Your Customer Will See


Customer Starts at Your Website

The Shed App integrates with your existing website with a Call-To-Action directing them to your order form (and if you need help with a website – let us know!). Clicking on the Call-To-Action will direct your customers to our high performing lead generation form, or if you prefer, directly to the 3D Design Tool. The Call-To-Action can be customized so you can send your customers exactly where they need to go, making the ordering process as streamlined as possible.


Lead Generation Form (optional)

The lead generation form is optional and can be completely customized to fit your branding. You can also have customers select a store using a map or automatically assign the store based on the customer’s zip code. When the lead generation form is completed and submitted, your customer will be directed to the 3D Design Tool to continue the order.


3D Design Tool

Using the 3D Design tool, your customers will be able to select one of your standard building designs, customize an existing design, or start with the basics and design exactly what they are looking for – you can control what is available for your customers on the back end. Allow customers to select a building model category, a size, siding/roof and trim, and personalize their color selection. They can also add and move doors, windows and other 3D options, depending on your design and availability rules. To help your customers design the building for its intended use, they can use a space planning tool as well.


Summary and Checkout

When the customer is finished designing their shed, they will be prompted to enter their personal information, including their name, email, and shipping address. Your customers can also add notes and attachments to the order if they need to. Then your customer will enter their payment information and make the initial deposit on the order. After payment is received, a receipt is automatically sent to the customer to confirm the payment.


Order Submitted

After the order is submitted, the customer will receive an email confirmation with the details of their order, including the estimated delivery date and order number. Optionally, they can simply save their design and order to continue it later – or wait for a salesperson to follow up.


Order Processed

Processing the order adds the order to your post-sale workflow, allowing your team to start scheduling production and/or delivery. Your customer will receive periodic updates on the status of their order via email or through an online order tracking system.


Order Fulfilled

Once the shed is delivered, the customer will receive a final confirmation email that their order has been fulfilled. You can have your salespeople follow up after the order fulfillment to ask them to leave a review.

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