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Tap into a team of digital marketers, developers and sales experts focused on their industry. These select service providers will be able to offer clients a range of benefits.

Trusted Service Providers, Strategically Aligned
What Services do our Partners Offer?

Shed Partner Collective™ is an initiative designed to enhance our current clients’ online success beyond the capabilities of our celebrated software product.

Digital Ads

With trusted advertising experts: showcase your business through advertising platforms across Google Ads, Bing, and Meta Ads to find and target future customers


With high performing website design developers: engage your customers, foster trust and navigate customers through a purchasing journey on your new website

Sales Consulting

With seasoned sales coaching professionals: set up or optimize CRM for success, increase visibility into team performance, and train the team to close more deals

Why Use Our Partners?
Integrated Solutions

A seamless integration with digital ad optimization, website development, and sales team support for a comprehensive online strategy.

Fully Trusted

Trusted experts with proven success in their respective fields. Find the support and tools you need for growth and success in the digital world.

Tailored Support

Customized solutions addressing the unique challenges and objectives of each client. With tiered plans to suit your growing business.

Collaborative Synergy

A unified platform fostering seamless collaboration between The Shed App, clients, and collective partners.

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