Optimize Sales

help your sales team close deals faster

Streamline and help your sales team close deals faster with the app’s intuitive interface and powerful reporting capabilities. Create and manage orders, quotes, track inventory, generate invoices, and accept payments, all within the app.

Fast Quote Creation

Create professional-looking quotes in under 2 minutes. Our app automatically updates pricing based on the customization options chosen by the customer.

Sales Commission Managment

Save time by automatically recording and then processing sales commissions for your sales team accurately and efficiently.

Customer Information Management

Keep all customer information in one place, easily accessible from anywhere. We also integrate with popular CRMs.

Customizable Design Rules

Set up customizable design rules to ensure that all sheds are designed per your manufacturing requirements.

Legally Binding Signatures

Use electronic signature technology to capture legally binding signatures from customers, streamlining the sales process.

Product Line Management

Easily manage and update your product line, including materials, colors, and pricing. With one click, all your forms are updated.