Big Updates

Increase Your Capacity for Leads and Close More Sales With an 80% Reduction in Clicks!

With this update we have reduced the clicks required for the Order Settings stage of the order form, defaulting to the most common order settings and allowing users to immediately start designing. For users that prefer to change and confirm the order settings before proceeding, we have added the ability for admins to turn this setting off and on per user. In addition, we have made significant improvements to the store and salesperson selection for an order, as we well as an improved UI and filtering for inventory selection.

Note: we have several additional time saving and more user friendly updates to the order form that are in the works!

Additional Updates

We have added an in-app support widget for admins. This allows admins and office admins to initiate support tickets from within the app, helping us get our users to a solution faster and more efficiently.
Yes! We are working on deliveries. This is one of the first of many steps we are taking to streamline the delivery schedule and management process.
Made several improvements to order sharing, including, provided shortcuts to various order form parameters for stores, building styles, building design categories and building designs
Changed this to Sales and Order Form Settings
Added the ability to turn on/off confirmation on order settings prior to advancing to the Design stage of the order form
Various Bug Fixes

Watch our video to learn more: