Big Updates

Sell Supplies with Product Catalog

Supplies, supplies, supplies! What’s the big deal about supplies? Supplies are another step towards the much anticipated Bill of Material (BoM).

In fact with this release, you will be able to create an ‘after the fact’ List of Supplies for all of your buildings, to help track material costs (and don’t worry – we are still working as fast as we can on the true BoM). Also – with this release you will be able to sell any supplies that are available to your product catalog via the order form!

Check out the videos for more info and see even more updates listed below!

What can you expect?

Export RTO contracts with webhooks
Order notes and attachments for Contract Providers
Product Feeds for Inventory and Better Descriptions (Better Shopping Ads!)
Various UX improvements

Watch our video to learn more:

List of Supplies for Buildings
And In Case You Missed It: Supply Catalog