How to

Add an RTO Contract

Note: You must add a RTO Contract document template before you will be able to add content


In general, there are three steps to adding the content to an RTO Contact

1. Entering the verbiage (wording)

2. Inserting the variable tags

3. Formatting

1. Entering the Verbiage

First, navigate to the document content page of the contract. System > Document Template > Edit

In the image below we see a completed contract that has all the verbiage, tags, and formatting complete

There are several ways to enter the verbiage and it will vary depending on what you already have for a contract.

You can simply start typing in the editor if you do not have anything to start with.

If you are starting with an existing Word or PDF contract

1. Copy the text of the contract and paste it into a text editor to remove all formatting and get plain text

2. Copy the plain text

3. Paste the plain text into the editor

If you are starting with an existing contract in TSA that you want to copy and apply a few changes

1. Navigate to the contract and open the editor

2. Change to the HTML editor

1. Copy all (Ctrl-A or CMD-A)

2. Navigate to your new contract and paste the copied HTML into the HTML editor

3. Then you can make any edits that you need

2. Insert the Variable Tags

Use the tabs at the top of the editor to browse the available tags

These tags are surrounded by double curly brackets and have specific names e.g, {{ tagName }}

Insert Tags

1. Place your cursor at the location in the contract where you want the value to be

2. Click on the desired tab

3. Click on the desired value

The tags will be inserted at the location of your cursor when you click on the desired value

3. Format the Contract

Use the formatting tools at the top of the editor to format the contract

Note: You can also format the contract by editing the HTML and adding CSS styles.