Big Updates

Update: Track Order

Keep your customers informed every step of the way with our new order tracking feature! The new Track Order UI allows customers to track progress, see photos, confirm delivery schedule and pay invoices!

NOTE: This is the second of a series of emails focusing on one of several big updates that will be released soon – see the footnote below for more information.

How does This Impact My Day to Day?

Including a link (optional) to the Track Order page when an order is processed
Reducing potential post-sale phone calls from customers and miscommunication
Original order and order documentation
Order status and progress
Production updates (including scheduling and pictures)
Delivery updates (including scheduling pictures)
Invoice payments and receipts (at any time)

Watch our video to learn more:

Why did we do this?

Order tracking for customers was an early feature on The Shed App, but it left a lot to be desired, and we ended up deprecating this functionality relatively quickly. This new and improved version makes for a much simpler process with important information and actions clearly presented. Your customers can easily see what is happening on their order, reducing potential phone calls and miscommunication, and paving the way for more 5-star reviews!

And last (but not least!) – this functionality lays the groundwork for improvements to the delivery system – the first of which will be released with this update: stay tuned for Delivery Confirmation Requests!