Big Updates

Make It Easier For Your Customers

The Shed App prioritizes customer convenience. Our upcoming release includes a major update to our payment processing system, enabling clients to utilize Buy Now, Pay Later services (if available in Stripe). Businesses using this service have experienced a 27% increase in sales volume!

Buy Now, Pay Later allows your customers to pay installments over time – you get paid in full, and customers pay nothing – or a portion of the total at purchase time. This makes for a much easier purchasing decision for your customers, potentially increasing close rates and sales volume. Whenever we can help companies on The Shed App do this – we make it a priority!

Note: the transaction fee for Buy Now, Pay Later may be higher than the standard Stripe transaction fee – be sure to check your Stripe fee schedule for more details

Buy Now Pay Later:

Pay Installments over time
Easier purchasing decision for your customers

Watch our video to learn more: