Big Updates

Automate & Integrate with Webhooks

Webhooks can used to seamlessly connect The Shed App with numerous 3rd party applications – including CRMs, accounting software, review systems and more! Streamline communication and keep your team happy with webhooks to connect with your must-have applications!

NOTE: these updates will all be live by November 2, 2023

Webhooks can be used to:

Alert 3rd party applications to events in The Shed App
Automatically export order data from The Shed App into 3rd party applications

Watch our video to learn more:

Why did we do this?

As shed companies move into the digital workspace, they are finding a lot of useful tools to improve their workflows. Adding webhooks for specific events allows The Shed App to communicate seamlessly with these tools and making your team much more responsive and efficient

Note: we will be extending the events available for webhooks and may have more upon release than are featured in this video.