Big Updates

Exciting Updates! Lots of videos to watch!

We have a BIG update coming! In fact, our next update is so big, we decided to put together several videos and email them out one at a time. This will give everyone time to soak in the coming changes and to decide how they want to best inform their teams.

NOTE: these updates could affect your daily post-sale workflow – so it is very important for you and your team to be familiar with the coming updates.

What is Coming?

This formally deprecates the Manage Production page, replacing it with the beta version of the Manage Throughput page.
Order Event Notifications: Formalizes critical order events and allows customizable notifications. This also lays the groundwork for webhooks.
Track Order: Keep customers informed every step of the way from order submittal to fulfillment.
Request Delivery Confirmation: Save time with the ability to request delivery confirmation via the app. This also lays the groundwork for more delivery improvements.
Color Conversion: The first release for Stage 2 of the Bill of Materials (converts colors into Building Options). This was a big one (whew!) and lays the groundwork for the much requested and long-awaited door color functionality.
And… a lot more!: Yes – and a lot more. The rest of the updates will be awesome – but they will not necessarily affect daily work flow, and will be indicated in the normal Simplified Shed Stuff email.

Watch our video to learn more: