Celebrating 5 Years!

Fiscal year 2022 saw us reaching our 5th year of serving the shed industry, with the only comprehensive order creation and fulfillment platform, from best in industry 3D sales to production management and delivery scheduling. 

This year we conducted our annual meeting on March 1, 2023

As in years past, we flew our team to Phoenix, providing the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and spending a day together reviewing a year of fantastic growth and several development milestones.

FY 2022 Saw Us Reach

Several Milestones, including:

Batched and detailed production scheduling
Phase 1 of the Bill of Material development plan: Operation tracking for the labor component of the COGS calculation
Simpler and easier to understand updates for production and delivery status updates with improvements to the user interface
Customizable workflows with Manage Views
Improvements and customization to the inventory storefront interfaces
Streamlined order form flow with an 80% reduction in clicks
Helped our clients increase profits and impressions
Drove efficiencies with building design surcharges and lockable building designs
Several initiatives were implemented

Customer Service Strategy

Customer support ticketing system
A 10 minute response time target for customer support tickets
A dedicated feature request and voting channel platform
In-app customer support for account admins
Return On Ad Spend

Introducing Managed Marketing Program

2022 also saw the expansion of our Managed Marketing program – available to clients that are determined to leverage our powerful event conversion tools, maximizing their return on ad spend. 

Initiatives for the next fiscal year were also explored, with the decision to continue to focus on our Bill of Material and improvements to the user interface.